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Invoice Factoring

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Invoice Factoring is our Business!

At Commerce Commercial Credit, Invoice factoring is a quick and flexible source of funds for businesses that are waiting for outstanding receivables to pay. We simply utilize your accounts receivable as the collateral and advance funds against the face value of your invoices. Invoice factoring allows your credit line to grow proportionately with your sales cycle. We can fund as little as $5,000 a month and up to $2.5 million for larger companies.

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Financing Receivables a Simple Process!

  • Optional Structure Prime Rate +2% & Admin Fee
  • No financials – No monthly minimums – No invoice minimums
  • No facility fees – No audits – No up-front fees – No hidden fees
  • Set up account in 3 to 5 working days – 24 hr funding thereafter
  • Receivable credit lines starting at 5,000 & up to $2.5 million
  • Customer referrals upon your request
  • We Make Same Day Decisions Start Today

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  • A two page application
  • An accounts receivable aging report
  • A customer list with credit limit request
  • Copy of articles of Incorporation or DBA filing
  • Purchase orders or rate confirmation agreements
  • Invoices to factor

Most of our clients are either:

  • experiencing cash flow shortages due to a slow turnover in accounts receivable
  • fast growing companies whose past earnings and sales histories will not justify traditional bank loan financing
  • start-up businesses with no financing base
  • principals with good or bad credit and cannot obtain traditional financing
  • have lost their line of credit due to covenant violations
  • need export receivable financing, credit protection or purchase order financing


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Receivable Financing Rates as low as 0.69% – 1.59% Start Today
Optional Structured Rate at Prime Rate +2% & Admin Fee Start Today

CALL NOW for details USA (469) 702-4320 (Rates subject to industry and collection cycle)

Have you ever had the embarrassing experience of turning down an order because you did not have the resources to fill it? Unless they have the luxury of an unlimited budget, many businesses can find themselves between a rock and a lack of cash space. Competing in the marketplace can seem impossible. Constant stagnation makes it impossible to expand. What is the best way to resolve this issue?

Commerce Commercial Credit gives businesses just like you’re the platform to compete against the big players and succeed in your industry. With our invoice factoring service, customers can order your product or service and you can get cash in a timely manner. This guarantees that you do not have to wait for weeks or months before a customer decides to pay an invoice. You can benefit from the sale immediately and never worry about turning down an order.

Invoice Factoring Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

1Standing still is never an option if you want to have a successful business. Factoring receivables is a good way to keep you moving forward. Putting your business on hold because customers have not paid what they owe is bad for business. Sometimes, customers are waiting to receive payment from their customers before paying your invoice. While you wait, business continues to happen and your company risks moving forward.

You are unable to buy the new piece of equipment that will help to improve productivity. Making payroll becomes a weekly worry because your cash flow is not enough to pay everyone on time. The opportunity to break free from this never-ending cycle is possible with our invoice factoring service. Borrowing on outstanding invoices is good for your business and Commerce Commercial Credit wants to make sure the cycle ends.

Establishing your business as a viable entity can be extremely difficult even when internal controls run smoothly. There are external situations that create more challenges for you to overcome; sufficient capital empowers you to break down the barriers to success. With enough cash on hand, you can take care of issues seen and unseen that can stand in the way of having a profitable business.

Never underestimate the tremendous breakthrough that your business can experience with this innovative financial platform. Accounts receivable factoring eliminates the problem of cash flow worries because the capital you need is always available. You never turn down any order and your business will gain the momentum it needs to establish the company in your industry.

There are many advantages to using invoice factoring as a funding resource. Accounts receivable financing through Commerce Commercial Credit turns unpaid invoices into immediate cash that improves your cash flow, pays off debt, expand the business and enables you to take advantage of new opportunities. Sell your invoices today and grow today without worrying about having enough money to cover day-to-day expenses.

The time is now for eliminating panic when the next bills come due. It is no longer a question of whether your orders will be paid. The question is how much you need from the invoices to become a big player in your industry. With our innovative funding services, your business will flourish for years to come.

Factoring Receivables with Commerce Commercial Credit Will Help Your Business Grow

Invoice factoring with Commerce Commercial credit can help your business grow by turning unpaid receivables into cash. Our process for factoring your invoices is fast, simple, flexible and effective. We will fund as little as $5,000 each month within 24 hours of account setup. You decide which invoices to factor and we handle the rest.

Commerce Commercial Credit works with your business by offering accounts receivable financing services that are not found through any other factoring company. Sure, many promise to buy your invoices, but not all are able to give you the working capital that you need.

Based in Austin, Texas, we are not limited to one state. We finance companies throughout the United States in a wide range of industries. With Commerce Commercial, you partner with a direct lender and not a broker, which guarantees that you will receive the best rates and exceptional service for your invoice factoring needs.

What is Invoice Factoring?

2Invoice factoring is one of many ways that you can maintain a positive cash flow while overcoming issues with accounts receivable. Simply put, invoice factoring is an easy process that provides quick and efficient accounts receivable financing when you need it most. You could wait two weeks, three months or six months for customers to make invoice payments. Or, you can contact us today and get instant access to the working capital you need for important business ventures.

Another term for invoice factoring is accounts receivable factoring, which allows you to sell your customer invoices to a professional factoring company. You receive money for those invoices and the factoring company collects payments from customers.

Ensuring a continuous flow of cash is a primary reason many businesses are turning to this type of funding. Since it can take time to collect money from slow paying customers, businesses choose to finance receivables for faster payment. Not only are they able to use the money sooner, but they are also relieved of the entire collection process.

Freeing up working capital is crucial to surviving in the business world. Invoice factoring is a way to invest in new equipment, meet payroll, pay bills or do anything that moves the business forward. The alternative of chasing customers for payment and deferring prosperity while money is tied up in a collection process is less desirable.

Top Reasons for Using Invoice Lending as a Financial Solution

There are many reasons that businesses decide to forego traditional financing sources and take advantage of invoice lending. You might see your situation in one or all of the reasons listed below.

  • You do not need to give up equity in your business while still having immediate access to cash from accounts receivable.
  • The traditional loan process can take several weeks,but the process to get cash from borrowing on invoices is faster and simpler.
  • You are in a stronger position to offer competitive credit terms to customers since you get cash up front.
  • Your business can use cash received from factoring invoices to take advantage of early payment discounts from vendors.
  • Concentrate on opportunities that grow your business instead of the mental and resource drain of the collections process.
  • Your business credit standing improves because you are able to pay creditors on time. The wait is over for customers to pay your invoices before you can pay your business expenses.
  • Factoring invoices is not a loan so you never incur new debt, which can be a drag on your credit rating.
  • You have access to professional financing experts that can screen current and potential customers with credit issues.

How Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Business

One of the biggest benefits to factoring your customer invoices is the process is simple. Commerce Commercial Credit has a two page application that you can complete online. Your invoices are used as collateral, which means you do not have to provide personal guarantees. For accounts receivable factoring, a strong list of reputable and reliable customers is enough to get the money you need. In addition, invoice factoring is beneficial to your business by providing:

  • Increased liquidity by converting invoice assets into cash
  • Flexible financing to grows at the same pace as your sales
  • Freedom from experiencing a cash crunch

Why You Should Let Commerce Commercial Credit Provide Your Accounts Receivable Loans

3Just as there are many reasons to consider invoice factoring as a funding solution, there are benefits to partnering with Commerce Commercial Credit. We can complete the account setup process within three to five working days and put cash in your hand within 24 hours. When you allow Commerce Commercial to factor your invoice, you help us fulfill our goal: to help cash strapped companies expand and reach their full potential.

Most businesses that realize Commerce Commercial can help not only experience cash flow shortages, but they may have other conditions that make them ideal candidates. Banks are hesitant to finance a business startup. Commerce Commercial Credit is not.

Traditional banks expect past earnings and sales histories to justify approving a loan. Commerce Commercial Credit does not. Many banks will not loan money to your business without personal guarantees. Commerce Commercial never requires financials or guarantees based on your personal assets.

We are committed to providing consistent service with our team of dedicated finance professional. Take advantage of our years of experience in the industry and focus on excellent customer service. Our team works with a wide range of industries to find the best solutions. We offer generous credit terms that you can use when it is convenient. Your complete satisfaction throughout the process is our guarantee.

By using our invoice factoring service, you will eliminate the 30 to 90 days that most customers take to pay invoices. You can continue to run your business with the cash you need when you need it. The reasons that you have for using accounts receivable factoring as a funding solution is not a consideration for approval. Your business reaps the rewards of hard work by taking advantage of Commerce Commercial Credit.

Factoring unpaid invoices gives you immediate access to the cash you need to cover essential expenses such as operating costs and payroll. Contact us today at our toll-free number: (469) 702-4320 to find out how easy it is to set up a new account with Commerce Commercial Credit and begin receiving needed cash without extra debt.