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Fuel and Tires
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Save Up to
28% On fuel

Fuel discounts available at participating fuel stations
Accepted at 95% of U.S. Fuel Stations
Fueling Data Reporting and Analytics
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Daily Discount Fuel Pricing Notification
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Exclusive Discounts on Fuel, Tires & more
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Get access to our national account tire program, which includes substantial discounts on Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Yokohama, BF Goodrich, General, and Cooper Roadmaster tires.

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Save Time And Money With The Fuel Card

Fuel cards are a useful tool for trucking companies of all kinds and stages, from a single operator with one truck to an owner of a mid-sized fleet to a major trucking company, and transportation and trucking business owners are trying to improve the control of fuel purchases. Your company can benefit from fleet fuel cards in a number of ways. Here are several examples:

Proper Records and Flexible Reporting — Transportation fuel cards provide owners and managers with excellent reporting and analytics capabilities via real-time purchase reports, allowing them to remain on top of all business-related spending. Automated data also substitutes the requirement to complete costly and time-consuming expense reports to administer reimbursements to employees manually.

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Spending History & Budget Control — Businesses can utilize transaction data to track spending efficiency and fuel usage because each transportation card is linked to a specific employee. These detailed purchasing controls assist fleet owners in better managing their company's fuel expenses and making more accurate budgeting estimations and credit limit modifications as needed.

Reduce Fuel and Tire Expenses — Many fleet cards offer additional fuel discounts and other nationwide discounts for tires. As fuel is the highest expense in the transportation industry, this can account for some significant savings for your business!

Drivers Enjoy The Convenience —
Using our transportation card program adds convenience for the drivers, as extra mileage traveled to find accepting merchants can cost the company more. Since fuel cards are accepted at most gas stations, drivers will be able to get the fuel when and where they need it.