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What Are The Benefits of Factoring?

Your transportation business can be free from daily cash flow stress. Nothing is worse than having to wait for customers to make payments on their freight bills so that you can pay your drivers and fuel account. The wait is over when you choose Commerce Commercial Credit’s receivable financing services. You can make timely payroll payments, fuel expenses and permits without damaging your business credit, incurring late fees, or worrying that your drivers quitting.

How To Start Factoring Freight Bills With Us?

To begin factoring freight bills with Commerce Commercial Credit, all you need to do is request a quote online. Once you complete our short application, we can begin setting up your account. We will need to see your current customer list along with the amount you are requesting. Our services also includes quick credit checks on prospective customers. Our credit analysis system will help you avoid bad debt customers.

Rates at
1.0% to 3.0%
12 Years in Business with Over 1 Billion Funded
Predictable Cash flow
No Financials or Setup Fees
Low Credit Score Accepted
3 to 5 Day Initial Setup
Digital Uploads for BOL's
Free Invoicing Software
Fuel Credit Card Discounts
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Industries We Fund:

Reefer Freight
Oilfield Services
Heavy Haul
Long Haul
Freight Brokers
Auto Transporters

Small Fleets (10k Monthly Minimum)

  • Truck Companies 3.5% Flat Rate

  • Full Advance for Small Fleets

  • Start Process! No Up Front Fee to Set Up

  • No need to over-night mail

  • Free credit checks online

  • No monthly minimums

  • Set up in 3 days

  • Same Day Funding

Mid to Large Fleets (25k Monthly Minimum)

  • Freight Brokers 0.69% – 1.59% Rate

  • Custom Rates Available for Large Fleets

  • Start Process! No Up Front Fee to Set Up

  • No need to over-night mail

  • Free credit checks online

  • Set up in 3 days

  • Same Day Funding

  • No Financials needed up to 350k

Freight Brokers (100k Monthly Minimum)

  • Freight Brokers 0.69% – 1.59% Rate

  • $100,000 Minimum Requirement for Freight Brokers

  • Start Process! Online Schedule Payments

  • Free Credit Checks

  • ACH or Wires to Carriers

  • Instant Credit Increases

  • Set up in 5 days

  • Must have permits in place

Freight Factoring is Simple:

  • Instant Cash Flow for your Trucking company.

  • Haul more loads by granting credit terms to new customers.

  • No need to borrow money for fuel, payroll, permits or other expenses.

  • Same day funding on credit approved shippers or brokers.

  • We Make Same Day Decisions!

  • Credit lines up to $10 million for larger fleets.

  • Large Fleet Revolving Credit lines with Low Flat Fee Rates.

freight brokers
Commerce Commercial Credit is a well-respected organization that specializes in invoice factoring, asset based lending and purchase order financing.

We Accept Images for Funding – Group Discounts on Fuel

We Make Same Day Decisions
No Originals Needed
Fuel Advances Available
Set Up In 3 Days

Not all factoring companies for trucking are the same, Commerce Commercial Credit is a freight factoring company for all industries. Services include Free Online Credit Checks, Fuel Discounts, Fuel Advances and we accept images for funding.

Factoring Rates for Trucking as low as 0.69% - 4.9%.

Customized Rates for Large Fleets starting at Prime Rate +2% & Admin Fee

Why Choose Commerce Commercial Credit?

Offer Fuel Card discounts.
Provide flexible approvals and same day decisions.
No financials needed — No up-front fees to set up.
Provide cash flow to trucking companies every day.
Affordable factoring rates for all size fleets.
Set up your initial funding in 3 to 5 working days.

Transportation Industries We Fund: Flat bed Industry – Dry Van – Intermodal – Freight Brokers – Refrigerated Freight

Services We Provide:

Fast Access to Your Cash

How It Works?

STEP 1: Factoring Agreement The first step is to determine if your business meets preliminary qualifications to receive invoice financing/factoring. CCC will conduct credit analysis using its database on the on the clients (account debtors) who owe you money. The Factoring Agreement will set an initial credit line for your business with all the clients you plan to finance.

STEP 2: Submit Invoices for Your Initial Advance CCC will fund your initial advance based on the invoices you submit, the advance funding will vary anywhere from 80-95% of the value of the factored invoice. The amount of your advance is initially established and depends on the size of your client list, transactions, industry, dilution and recurring funding intervals.

STEP 3: The Remaining Balance of the Invoices and Fee Deductions The clients will be notified to pay CCC on the financed invoices. Once your customer pays the invoices based on the terms, the remaining balance will be wired to you, minus the factoring fee. The fee will vary depending on the number of days the invoice remains outstanding. Factoring fees calculated on the invoice amount and can range between 0.69% – 4.9%.

how trucking factoring works

Factoring Agreement Terms:



Factoring Trucking Companies is our Business. 12+ years in business
Fast Approval Process
No Financials Required
3 to 5 Day Initial Setup
No Up Front Fees to Set up
Low Credit Score Accepted
Free Invoicing Software

Not all factoring companies are the same. Your partnership with Commerce Commercial Credit, Inc. brings:

  1. Competitive receivable financing rates with same day decisions

  2. No financials required No monthly minimums No audit fees

  3. Transparent contracts with no hidden fees or upfront fees.

  4. Receivable based lines of credit up to $10 million.

Simple & Flexible Factoring for Small to Medium Size Trucking Fleets

At Commerce Commercial Credit, we have account representatives specializing in trucking and transportation businesses. Whether your trucking company is running dry vans, reefers, or flatbeds, you must be successful at managing these challenges Commerce Commercial Credit is an freight factoring company that offers trucking receivable financing for the transportation industry. Services may include but are not limited to trucking, air freight, local delivery and freight brokers in the USA.

We assist established and newly formed freight businesses that need to improve cash flow and streamline operations. By factoring customer invoices, we make sure freight companies are paid for the services they provide. Unlike other freight factoring companies, Commerce Commercial finances companies from a wide range of industries.

With a long-term reputation in the financing industry, a partnership with Commerce Commercial Credit gives you an opportunity to achieve goals and have a partner with a proven track record of success. We are more than just a freight factor company. Commerce Commercial is a true partner whose success is defined by the success of your business.

Flexible Factoring Small Medium Size Trucking Fleets
Commerce Commercial Credit offers freight factoring services for small, mid-size and large fleets. We take pride in getting to know the intimate details about your company to make sure our funding offer is the best match.

Trucking companies make the decision to hire Commerce Commercial Credit for our premier factoring services. They make the decision to stay with our factoring company for the customized service and generous terms. We want to be your first though when you need freight bill factoring for advanced payments based on credit-approved customers. Our freight bill program takes three days to set up an account where you will have online access to your funded invoices.

Our trucking expertise is available to transportation companies across the United States. Wherever you are and wherever you need to go, Commerce Commercial Credit provides reliable, convenient and expedited freight factoring services.

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What is Freight Factoring?

Freight factoring is the best way for trucking companies to get immediate payment for the work they provide. Even when the shipper decides to wait three months or longer to pay an invoice, the trucking company does not suffer during the waiting period. Instead, they come to Commerce Commercial Credit to take advantage of our funding services. Their success relies on freight factoring to avoid delays in receiving the necessary cash to maintain fleets and pay for fuel.

Simply put, freight factoring can provide:

  • Instant cash flow access.

  • The ability to haul more loads with credit terms for new customers.

  • Freedom from borrowing money to meet payroll, buy fuel, permits or other essential expenses.

  • Same day funding.

  • Generous credit lines up to $10 million.

  • Free online credit checks.

How Does a Freight Factoring Company Work?

Freight factoring works for your trucking company by helping you gain a competitive edge. You are on equal footing with bigger carriers that may not have regular cash flow problems with which to contend. When cash is tied up in outstanding freight bills, you can become paralyzed and miss golden opportunities to establish your name in the business.

We understand this uncomfortable dilemma and will purchase unpaid invoices to give you cash up front. The process is simple and easy, and will never take 30 days or more to receive payment.

Freight Factoring Company Process
We bring industry experience on freight factoring whether you own one truck or a large fleet of trucks. Commerce Commercial will give you the capital that you need.

The transportation industry is full of operational expenses such as highway tolls, fluctuating fuel prices, payroll, and vehicle maintenance and repairs. Without an adequate cash flow to cover these costs that are subject to rise, you can easily fall behind the competition.

Commerce Commercial Credit is committed to preventing slow customer payments or fast growth from ruining your success. Your partnership with our freight factoring company guarantees that you receive the funding you need.

Freight Broker Factoring to Support Trucking Companies

As a subspecialty of transportation factoring through Commerce Commercial Credit, you can also benefit from freight broker factoring. Very few factoring companies have the expertise and practical experience to provide freight broker factoring services. We assist freight brokers with an assurance that cash generated from moving freight from one place to another is set aside. Freight brokers that partner with us never have to worry about paying the carrier with proceeds from a new transaction.

All freight brokers are required to be licensed with the federal government. This creates a constructive trust between carriers and freight brokers to help carriers feel protected.

Besides paying for shipment transaction that are brokered, freight brokers must also maintain records of how funds payable to carriers are segregated from other operating funds. Commerce Commercial Credit can help freight brokers stay compliant with regulations.

Freight Broker Factoring to Support Trucking Companies
Factoring Rates for Trucking as low as 0.69% – 4.9%.

For each customer invoice that freight brokers request to factor, Commerce Commercial Credit makes sure there is a matching receivable from the shipper that corresponds to the payable. We have the expertise in freight brokering services that is required for success. Our unique factoring process for freight brokers is just one more way Commerce Commercial supports trucking companies throughout the country.

Get Paid with Timely Fuel Advances from Freight Bill Factoring

Services from Commerce Commercial Credit takes into account every aspect that makes freight companies a success or failure. One thing your trucking company cannot live without is fuel to fill trucks that are used to make deliveries and pickups. We make sure your fleet stays on the road with freight factoring fuel advances.

Our fast approval process guarantees no downtime, but rather, you can begin factoring bills instantly. Waiting the standard 30 60 or 90 days for customers to pay invoices places severe strains on your cash flow. Limited funds keeps you from refueling tanks. When there is no gas in the tank, you are unable to compete with other carriers for crucial business.

Freight factoring services with Commerce Commercial Credit gives you the necessary cash not only to fuel trucks, but also to cover other operational expenses. Payroll, repairs and equipment are just one freight factoring transaction away with our competitive rates.

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Freight Factoring Services for Small, Mid-Size and Large Fleets

Commerce Commercial Credit offers freight factoring services for small, mid-size and large fleets. We take pride in getting to know the intimate details about your company to make sure our funding offer is the best match. You should never turn down high paying loads because you lack enough cash flow. Nor should you settle for inexperienced factoring companies that do not understand the trucking industry. We bring industry experience on freight factoring whether you own one truck or a large fleet of trucks. Commerce Commercial will give you the capital that you need.

Transport Your Freight Business to the Next Level with Our Freight Factoring Company

Qualify for freight factoring through Commerce Commercial Credit and take your business to the next level. Whether you work as an owner-operator of a small fleet or run a large fleet of trucks, obtaining capital through Commerce Commercial Credit’s freight factoring program is never too hard. This method of capital financing is the preferred way to take your business to the next level.

Funding approval levels are based on the creditworthiness of your customers, not your business. Slowing down because of a tight cash flow is never a problem. We offer continuous funding to make sure you remain ahead of the competition.

Transport Factor Services are Better Than a Bank Loan

Partnering with Commerce Commercial Credit for transport factor services is better than applying for a bank loan. Financing through traditional lending institutions is much different today than it was in the past. Applying for a business loan often requires meeting strict criteria that is limited to a few companies.

Without fully understanding the different needs of the trucking industry, banks make it harder – rather than simpler – to qualify for much needed funding. A struggling business is unattractive regardless to having a strong customer base. Companies most likely to receive fast approval are the ones that do not actually need the money.

Commerce Commercial Credit is here for the rest of the businesses that not only need capital, but also can become stronger with sufficient cash flowing. When you wonder where the money will come from to meet payroll or to deliver a large shipment, look no further than our premier freight factoring services.

Transport Your Freight Business
With freight bill factoring, the decision to give you the money you need is based on the creditworthiness of your customers.

We never require that you fill out a 10 page application, submit financial statements and wait two weeks just to be denied. Trying to get capital from a bank can lead to a huge disappointment. You are not approved for funds that you need today and you will miss out on jobs that can lead to bigger jobs.

In the past, banks would provide most businesses with a line of credit that gave the business up to 80 percent borrowing capacity. This was with having accounts receivable in good standing. Even when most businesses shunned alternative financing sources and went to banks, they could not get the same amount that nontraditional sources offer.

Businesses were happy to be approved, but were obligated to list a new creditor on their balance sheet. Commerce Commercial Credit can provide over 90 percent in accounts receivable advances and you never add more debt to your balance sheet. You can meet payroll, buy supplies, fill up on fuel and take care of other operating expenses without waiting for customers to pay.

With freight factoring, your customer invoices represent assets that have a cash value. You are never strapped with debt and repayment for a bank loan if internal or external circumstances change. Additionally, you do not have to worry about credit problems that can disqualify you from many things that could hinder the growth of your business.

Freight bill factoring allows trucking companies the luxury of having cash when needed without creating more debt. Even if a bank was willing to approve your business loan, doing so could prohibit you from obtaining funding for more capital purchases such as buying new trucks. With freight bill factoring, the decision to give you the money you need is based on the creditworthiness of your customers.

Banks will not offer to help you collect payments from customers to ensure you can make timely payments on the loan. However, Commerce Commercial Credit will take the worry of collections from your to-do list and collect payments from customers.Why sign up with a Company Like Choose Commerce Commercial Credit?

Your decision to partner with Commerce Commercial Credit for freight factoring services gives you the best fuel card discounts in the industry. We provide flexibility in factoring customer bills based on how much cash you need. There are no monthly minimums to adhere to – even for small fleets. We do not charge upfront fees to begin the factoring process. Instead, we would rather provide sufficient cash flow to our trucking company partners every day.

Advantage of Invoice Factoring for Trucking Companies
Our factoring rates are affordable and available to fleets of all sizes. The initial setup only takes three days and you can have the funding you need within 24 hours.

Keep Your Transport Business Trucking by Calling 800-928-7004 Today!

Whether you have a small trucking fleet or a mid-sized to large fleet, come to Commerce Commercial Credit when you need capital funding for your transport business. Our experience with invoice factoring are more than enough to support your strategies for growth. We have been serving the transportation industry for many years with expert factoring solutions.

Commerce Commercial Credit is a well-respected organization that specializes in invoice factoring, asset based lending and purchase order financing. Call us today and speak to someone on our team to learn how freight factoring can help your business. We have the best solutions in the industry to improve your cash flow, grow your business and keep your trucks on the road.

Factoring Trucking Rates as low as 0.69% - 4.9%.

Advantage of Invoice Factoring

  1. It provides the cash flow finance and debt management solution that your business needs to succeed.

  2. It offers a flexible source of working capital driven directly by your trade credit invoices.

  3. It’s responsive, cost-effective and alternative to a bank overdraft or loan.

  4. It helps you turn today’s sales invoices into tomorrow’s cash flow by tapping into your accounts receivable asset.

  5. It extends favorable terms to customers with confidence.

What Is CCC Transportation Fuel Card and Its Advantages?

Transportation fuel cards save time, money, and offer many other benefits. As fuel cards are becoming more and more popular in the trucking and transportation industry, fleet owners are finding many options for fuel cards each day. The benefits of a fleet card have focused mainly on the control and transparency the fleet manager experiences, but as the world has shifted to digital payments, so too has the trucking sector, where drivers are embracing and enjoying the change as well.

Transportation fuel card programs provide fleet managers and owners evolutionary solutions such as reporting and real-time updates on spending and business-related expenses, they are also providing advantages to drivers by eliminating manual expense reporting and receipt submission. One crucial thing to consider is how much time and money drivers and managers can save by using a fuel card. Benefit from our Fuel Card Program today and began enjoying all the advantages!

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