Invoice Factoring For IT Staffing Companies

The demand for IT professionals will continue to grow, which means that IT staffing companies have a tremendous amount of opportunity to take advantage of. Slow cash flow should not be the thing that slows down an IT staffing company, especially when invoiced sales are on the rise. The way to beat the effects of past due invoices on cash flow is to utilize invoice factoring. With invoice factoring, the IT staffing company can use its outstanding invoices to creditworthy clients as collateral against cash advances. It eliminates the problems that come with past due invoices and allows the IT staffing company to enjoy its growth.Commerce Commercial Credit is an experienced company that factors invoices. We have billions of dollars in resources that we can use as cash advances against your outstanding invoices. We will advance you the face value of your invoices, minus our lending fee, and make sure that you have the cash flow you need to pay your IT specialists and keep your corporate clients happy. We have been doing this a long time and we have the experience working with IT staffing companies that allows us to develop customized plans to fit your needs.

Commerce Commercial Credit Is Your Invoice Factoring Resource

Commerce Commercial Credit is not a bank, which means that we do not charge set-up fees and we do not have any hidden fees of any kind. Our online application process is easy, and we do not use your company’s credit score to approve your account. We are interested in the credit scores of your clients and the validity of each of your invoices. Once we have approved your invoices, we can start advancing you the funds that will keep your business going.

We have no per month or per invoice minimums. It only takes us three to five business days to approve your account, and then we can advance funds based on approved invoices within 24 hours of receiving those invoices. Your IT staffing company has a tremendous opportunity in front of it. Commerce Commercial Credit can be the financial partner that you use to grow your business and find the kind of success that you want. Our experienced financial experts are standing by to explain our process to you and to get your account started today.

If you want to follow the story of outsourcing in the United States, then a good industry to follow the IT support staffing industry. Technology eventually changes everything, but few industries have undergone such a rapid alteration in such a short period of time as the IT support staffing world. Computer support outsourcing used to be a phrase that most people did not want to utter because it meant the loss of jobs in the United States. But as time has gone by, the corporate business model has changed and now outsourcing is a way of life for IT professionals throughout the country.

The story of IT support outsourcing started a couple of decades ago when some computer companies started to send their phone support jobs overseas. The big concern was that workers in the United States were unable to find work because it was going to countries that had lower wages. But the truth was that this outsourcing movement was just the first step in a series of events that would completely and permanently change the way that companies all over the world do business. It was a painful start, but it is a story with a happy ending.

IT Staffing Has Grown Quickly

The convenience of being able to have the best IT experts working for a company but without that company having to go through the process of recruiting, training and paying those experts caught on quick. IT staffing companies suddenly became very popular as IT professionals and businesses of all sizes started to see the significant value in the staffing business model. IT experts could work on a variety of projects for a variety of companies while getting paid top dollar, or they could choose to take a full-time position with a company to gain career stability. Corporations and small businesses could have the IT talent they needed without having to worry about payroll or anything else that goes with maintaining an IT workforce.

The problem that IT staffing companies run into is the past due invoices that eventually slow down cash flow. These staffing companies are paying high salaries to experienced professionals and the companies utilizing the staffing company services expect their IT talent to be on-site when needed. If an IT staffing company cannot make payroll or meet its ongoing financial obligations, then it starts to see problems in running its operations. This is a common problem for companies that outgrow their cash flow, but there is a solution.

Outsourcing IT Staffing Opened Up Opportunities For Small Business

Prior to the entire outsourcing movement, small businesses all over the world struggled to maintain their own technology needs. It was common for a small business to have one IT professional who was responsible for supporting 40 or 50 employees and a network. It was an irrational and inefficient way of doing business, but these small companies could not afford lavish technology and the support staff necessary to maintain them. But when overseas outsourcing started, suddenly there were inexpensive ways for small businesses to get phone support. Some enterprising businesses saw this as the beginning of a change in the corporate business model.

If small businesses could afford to pay for phone tech support from an outsourcing organization, then some computer companies started to think that they could offer reasonably-priced on-site support to those small businesses as well. Suddenly, the IT professionals who had been put out of work by overseas outsourcing were starting their own support companies that offered affordable IT support to small to medium sized businesses. Instead of having to hire a full-time support staff, a small business could contract with an organization that would provide support when necessary. It changed IT support models and it also changed the way that large corporations did business.

The Outsourcing Movement Leads To IT Staffing Companies

Large shoe manufacturers were looking at the domestic outsourcing IT support model and they started to wonder why they were paying millions of dollars a year to maintain their own IT support staff. Outsourcing went from a dirty word that no one wanted to talk about, to the preferred way that experienced professionals found permanent and contract work that paid them top salaries. Large corporations started dumping their IT departments and outsourced the work to professional IT organizations that could do the job cheaper and more efficiently.

After a while, the idea of hiring IT professionals full-time started to fade as most of the best IT professionals started to work through IT staffing companies. Any size business could call an IT staffing company and have the professionals it needed on-site to take care of issues. If a company had an involved IT project, it could use a staffing company to bring in experienced professionals that could handle the job. If a company wanted to contract with an IT staffing firm to try out an IT professional before hiring him full-time, then the staffing firm could supply the talent that the company needed for as long as was necessary.

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